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4 mois après le lancement de la version originale française, notre site web est maintenant disponible en espagnol et en anglais. Chez Imagène Productions, la langue n’est pas une barrière, au contraire, c’est un des points qui nous distingue de nos concurrents.

Chez Imagène Productions, nous pensons globalement, indépendamment de la langue ou du format. La seule chose qui compte, c’est de faire passer le message.

Avec la version anglaise, le site Web d’Imagène Productions sera notre meilleur ambassadeur pour nous développer et atteindre des nouveaux clients dans le monde entier.

Tous les contenus sont maintenant disponibles en français, espagnol et anglais.

english ingles anglais imagene productions also available in English !

4 months after the launch of the original French version, our website is now also available in Spanish and English. At Imagène Productions, language is not a barrier, on the contrary, it is one of the points that sets us apart from our competitors.

At Imagène Productions we think globally, regardless of language or format. The only thing that counts is passing the message.

With the English version, the Imagène Productions website will be our best ambassador for expanding and reaching customers around the world.

All contents are now available in French, Spanish and English.


english ingles anglais imagene productions también en inglés!

Cuatro meses después del lanzamiento de la versión original en francés, nuestro sitio web ya está disponible también en español y en inglés. En Imagène Productions el idioma no es una barrera, al contrario, es uno de los puntos que nos diferencian de la competencia.

En Imagène Productions pensamos global, sin importar la lengua o el formato. Lo único que cuenta es hacer pasar el mensaje.

Con la versión en inglés, el sitio web de Imagène Productions será nuestro mejor embajador para expandirnos y llegar a clientes de todo el mundo.

A partir de ahora todos los contenidos están disponibles en francés, español e inglés.


english ingles anglais imagene productions

The website of Imagène Productions already available in Spanish!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the online Spanish version of our site.

All sections of the imagène Productions website are now available in Spanish. You can consult our services, our latest productions and our articles on the blog. All in Spanish.


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The English version is already in production and will be available very soon.

Hasta la vista!

Imagène Productions covered Prince Charles and Camilla’s visit to Lyon

Iryna Gibert and Luis Carballo covered the visit of the English royal couple to the French city of Lyon for the Chinese agency PEAR, based in Shanghai.

The British heir and his wife participated in several events in the Gauls capital. Charles and Camilla began their first official visit to Lyon at the Parc de la Tête d’Or, by laying a wreath on the monument to the dead during the Second World War on the Isle of Remembrance as part of the May 8th ceremonies.



Afterwards, the royal couple participated in a meeting with Interpol officials, based in Lyon, to highlight police cooperation between the United Kingdom and France.

Later on, Prince Charles and Camilla visited one of the emblematic places of Lyon gastronomy, Les Halles Paul Bocuse. Our team was able to note on the spot that the Duchess of Cornouilles very much appreciated the fruity macarons, a dessert.

To conclude his visit, Charles visited ISARA school and Camilla met with leaders of a women’s rights organization.

For the anecdote, Prince Charles said a few words to one of our team members, Iryna Gibert, who was filming his arrival at the Parc de la Tête d’Or.

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